Our selection of storage carousels and rotary files are sure to have the filing storage capacity that you need.

Maximize your office space with a high capacity rotary file or binder storage carousel, featuring rotating shelves for compact storage and easy 360 degree viewing. Storage carousel shelves rotate independently, making file retrieval a snap, and are height adjustable to accommodate different binder sizes. Rotary files offer high density back-to-back file storage that rotates with a foot pedal and locks securely behind cabinet doors. Our rotating storage units offer modular flexibility, with expandable storage capacity and accessories such as pull-out shelves for office filing.

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A Storage Carousel or Rotary File for Binder Storage and File Storage. Our modular rotary file cabinets and storage carousels are adaptable to the needs of your office filing system. Rotary files are available in both letter and legal sizes and can be expanded laterally with add-on units for wall-to-wall file storage. Choose 5 to 8 tiers of storage height for your rotary file cabinet, or 2 to 7 tiers for your storage carousel. Binder storage carousels are available with or without a locking cabinet, and may be designed to fit in a corner for even more efficient use of space.

Customize the interior fitting of your carousel or cabinet to meet your storage requirements. Storage carousel shelves are available with organizer sets for binder storage or media storage. Rotary files come pre-configured with filing shelves and dividers, or you may select a configurable rotary file cabinet with an assortment of interior shelves and drawers to choose from. Add a hanging folder drawer, multimedia storage drawer or a locking drawer from our filing and storage category.