Sound podiums are lecterns that have a PA system amplify your voice for a large audience.

Lecterns and podiums with PA systems are advantageous to presenters, because a sound podium with a PA system helps to project your voice to a larger audience. These sound lecterns feature built-in amps, speakers, and microphones to ensure your voice gets heard by the audience members in the back row. In fact, these sound podiums with PA systems are designed for large audiences, ranging from classroom to press conference. Avoid buying a separate PA system with multimedia capability when you order a cost-saving sound podium with the public address system already built-in.

Item #: 39-950-E
Item #: 39-SCLS-E
Item #: 39-6010-E
Item #: 39-800X-E
Item #: 39-111PLS-E
Item #: 39-711-E

Sound Podium Selections - Lecterns And Podiums With PA Systems. Capable of handling very large or loud audiences such as in auditoriums and at press conferences, these sound podium selections offer you a range of choices for different audience sizes. With a built-in amp in each lectern, you can choose how many watts will achieve your purpose. Many sound podiums are bundled with cost-saving inclusions, such as wired handheld and tie-clip microphones, goose neck mic assemblies with shock mount mic holders, plus inputs and outputs on multimedia-capable amplifiers that allow you to record, add mics, go wireless, play CDs, and more. Some have a battery charger internally-mounted for the PA system, include a power adapter, and have the additional option of ordering a lantern-style lectern battery. In other words, these sound podiums will delight you with how well they can fulfill your presentation room's requirements for voice-amplification.

A host of additional sound podium features make these lecterns with PA systems even more desirable. Many can be height-adjusted to suit the speaker; include multimedia cabinets and shelves that lock, pull-out, and slide; feature reading lamps; and have your wiring setup in mind with built-in power strips and cable management guides. Most are designed at full-standing height, while others double as a multimedia cart that is slightly lower and designed to hold equipment like projectors and laptops. For your convenience, the majority of PA podiums roll on casters for easy mobility. If you are seeking a lectern with a PA system, our PA podiums selection offers many convenient and cost-efficient solutions.