Computer privacy screens for laptops and LCD monitors

A complete line of computer filters, monitor filters, privacy filters and computer screen magnifier and screen protectors. The wide variety of office environments and our increasing computer usage requires LCD computer accessories designed to help reduce uncomfortable glare, provide anti-radiation and static protection, increase productivity, secure your screen text from prying eyes, enlarge font size, or simply protect the delicate surface of LCD or laptop screens. We offer you a wide selection of computer filter options for just about any size monitor.

Reduce computing discomfort by using one of our computer screen magnifier options, now available for both LCD monitors and laptops, or one of our screen protectors. Our computer screen magnifier products are designed to significantly reduce screen glare, which is a leading cause of headaches and discomfort reported by office workers. Our LCD and laptop glare filters, and screen protectors are designed with the very latest in high quality, treated, and lightweight acrylic or polycarbonate, and our LCD magnifier uses Fresnel lens magnification.

Item #: 01-LCD15
From $57.00
Item #: 01-MAG15L
From $95.95
Item #: 01-LCD19SV
Item #: 01-LX17
From $50.95
Item #: 01-SVL12.1W
From $53.95
Item #: 01-SVL14.1
From $55.95
Item #: 01-LX14.1
From $33.95
Item #: 01-LCD15SV
From $109.95