A laptop stand or laptop riser is the perfect laptop holder or notebook stand for the desk or tabletop.

When you need a laptop stand for your laptop or notebook computer, especially on the go, keeping good ergonomic habits can be a challenge. Laptops and notebooks are difficult by design to use comfortably - but choosing the right laptop holder can go a long way toward alleviating strain. Use a laptop stand or laptop riser to help elevate and position your computer for easier typing and viewing. These simple, laptop stands, laptop risers and notebook stands turn any desktop or tabletop surface into an ergonomic laptop workstation or laptop lap desk. And if it's a tablet stand or iPad stand your looking for, we've got an excellent selection of those as well.

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Laptop Stand - Laptop Holder and Notebook Stands to meet your Laptop Riser needs. Laptop stands and laptop risers offer a high degree of adjustability at little expense. Our laptop stand and notebook riser solutions offer height, tilt, and even swivel adjustment features to optimize your viewing or typing position. Use these simple laptop stands to make computing easier on your eyes, neck, and shoulders - at home, at work, or wherever you go. Use your notebook riser as a docking station in your office, or choose a collapsible laptop holder to take with you on the go. You'll find lightweight notebook stands that easily pack in your laptop bag to use in cafes, airplanes, and lounge areas. Or use a laptop riser with an integrated cooling fan for a permanent laptop desk stand. And don't forget about your tablet or iPad, we have a wide selection of tablet stands and iPad stands as well.