Keyboard drawer and keyboard shelf products including sliding keyboard shelves for your computer workstation.

A keyboard drawer for your computer keyboard is an efficient way to store your keyboard under your desk for an un-cluttered workspace. The keyboard drawers slide out easily along a ball bearing glide track and slide back under the desk when not in use. Several models of sliding keyboard shelves include a lock-out feature that ensures your keyboard will stay in place without moving.

Item #: 02-FRKSLT918BK
Item #: 02-FRKSLT938BK
Item #: 02-FRKSLT925BK
Item #: 06-EKB003
Item #: 109-8031301
Item #: 146-60006
Item #: 146-60004
Item #: 02-SLT820BK-14
Item #: 02-SLT825BK-14
Item #: 02-SLT408BK-14
Item #: 02-SLT840BK-14
Item #: 06-EKB008

Keyboard Drawer and Keyboard Shelf Options. Compact computer keyboard drawers and keyboard shelves are convenient for smaller desk spaces, while a wider shelf can accommodate a keyboard and mouse on the same level. Some drawers include mouse trays that slide or swivel out for adjustable mousing and retract for storage.