If your office storage needs require a file system with high density capabilities, then enjoy our collection of high density storage and file folder storage products.

When you need a lot of office file storage and file folder storage in limited space, you need high density filing or high density storage. Here you will find a number of creative high density storage for office filing systems. Whether you need file folder storage for letter or legal size files, there is high density filing in our offering for you. Rotary file cabinets offer several times the file folder storage capacity as regular filing cabinets in the same amount of floor space. High density shelving systems provide optimum visibility for quick and easy file retrieval. Modular cabinets are available in a variety of configurations for office filing systems, including file folder storage, binder storage and more.

Item #: 04-NSTHFC-BK
Item #: 58-42817X
From $700.00
Item #: 58-EOSCTAM
Item #: 181-EE5
Item #: 04-ST78.BK
Item #: 181-EE7
Item #: 12-07507-TN
Item #: 12-07551-LG
Item #: 58-441500
Item #: 12-07586
Item #: 12-07584
Item #: 58-488411
Item #: 12-07540
Item #: 12-07543
Item #: 12-07585
Item #: 12-07541
Item #: 58-48040
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Item #: 12-076LG-AD
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Item #: 12-076LG
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Item #: 12-076LTR-AD
From $389.95
Item #: 12-076LTR
From $486.95

Filing Systems - Office Storage with High Density Filing & High Density Storage Capabilities. Office filing systems for high density filing come in many shapes and sizes. Many of our high density storage cabinets and high density shelving systems can be configured for the needs of particular office filing systems. High density shelving units and rotary files are available in both letter and legal sizes and in variable heights. These filing systems, with modular are expandable with add-on units. Customize your high density filing cabinets and shelving systems with additional accessories such as pull-out reference shelves and locking drawers. Configurable high density storage cabinets offer versatile, modular storage options to accommodate almost any kind of office file storage media. There are high density filing cabinets for file folder storage, binder storage, medical records, multimedia, and combinations of these. You can even customize your own modular cabinets for your preferred methods of office file storage. Whatever you're high density filing needs, our modular office filing systems, from our filing and storage category, will help make your workplace more efficient and organized.