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Find a wide selection of computer workstations, including height adjustable desk, stand-up desk or sit-stand desk options.

Myriad studies have shown the health benefits to workers and the cost benefits to employers of the height adjustable sit stand desk. Not only does a height adjustable desk accommodate a wide sector of users, from children and the handicapped to adults of all sizes; it also allows a single user to adjust his or her posture throughout the day. Students and workers who alternate between sitting and standing with a sit stand desk enjoy better stamina, concentration, and productivity while saving their backs and their healthcare accounts. We offer a first-class selection of height adjustable desks that adjust by electric drive, with just the touch of a button.

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Adjustable Desk or Standing Desk - An Ergonomic Desk for your Computer Workstation. Experts have long recommended that those who spend many hours sitting at a desk get up on their feet periodically. But how many of us find an excuse to leave our desks every hour for the sake of our health? With a sit stand desk, you can alternate between sitting and standing without interrupting your work, giving your body much more variation and relief than a two minute break would do. And with an electric desk or standing desk, you can make fast, smooth, and quiet adjustments as often as you want without interrupting others. That's why the electric height adjustable desk is a breakthrough for the ergonomic computer workstation.

Avoid the risk of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) by encouraging your body to stay fluid while at work. The greatest physical damage to workers comes not from sitting or standing alone, but from remaining in one posture overly long, overburdening certain muscles and joints while others go flaccid. Getting to your feet periodically reactivates the brain and body and makes you feel freer to move around, in small ways as well as on brief errands. Use an adjustable desk to alternate between standing and sitting positions, relieving your low back and your feet in turn. If you're an employer, beat the rising tide of worker's compensation claims by investing in the height adjustable sit stand desk. * Items with Free Shipping include standard ground service within the Contiguous United States.