For a floor or freestanding rack, choose a magazine rack, literature rack, magazine stand, or literature stand.

Magazine racks and literature racks for exhibiting magazines and literature are your portable business solution. When your business would like to display magazines or distribution materials without making permanent attachments to a wall, our offering of magazine rack and literature rack products offer an array of advantages. Magazine stands and literature stands allow businesses to move their magazines and literature from place to place for point-of-sale purchases and presentations in strategic areas like retail windows, entryways, and lobbies.

With so many materials and color options available, businesses and institutions have the option to match these magazine racks with their office decor and function, such as wooden displays to match mahogany office furniture or steel displays for industrial sites. When you select your choice of literature racks, you can clear your literature and distribution materials off of tables and counters making them easily accessible and professionally organized.

Item #: 181-278N
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Item #: 166-10UP-B
Item #: 19-MR10-FS
Item #: 19-LM-24-FS
Item #: 19-LD49-24/LD-FS
Item #: 19-MM-12/LM-FS
Item #: 11-4128CH
Item #: 19-LM-16/LM-FS
Item #: 19-MR14-FS
Item #: 11-4139CH
Item #: 19-MR20-FS
Item #: 19-LD49-12/LD-FS
Item #: 19-LD49-8/LD-FS
Item #: 19-MR40-SP
Item #: 19-MR7-FS
Item #: 19-LD49-16/LD-FS
Item #: 19-MM-9/LM-FS
Item #: 19-LM-12/LM-FS
Item #: 11-4325GR
Item #: 82-3514JC
$165.00 $195.95
Item #: 82-3508JC
$165.00 $195.95
Item #: 181-285
Item #: 181-2860
Item #: 11-5619BL

Magazine Racks and Literature Racks, Magazine Stands and Literature Stands for the Floor This wide range of magazine racks offers a host of benefits that can assist your specific business type. For example, take into account how many magazines your business would like to display and whether you’d like them to cascade in a space-saving manner that reveals the magazines’ titles or if you’d like them to be placed side-by-side to exhibit each cover. Consider also whether a literature rack with wheels, feet, or a solid base would best suit your business’ need to either roll the display to various locations or to keep it steadily in place. This selection of magazine racks and literature racks offers you a combination of flexibility, quality, and economical pricing that will best suit your particular needs.