Complete your ergonomic workstation with an adjustable foot rest.

Footrests offer important relief for the lower body when sitting for long periods. An office footrest compliments an ergonomic desk set-up by propping up the feet at a natural angle, engaging the legs and helping to take weight off the low back. Rocking footrests offer additional benefits by exercising the leg muscles and ankle joints and increasing circulation. We offer a variety of ergonomic footrest concepts, including a heated footrest, memory foam footrest, and massaging foot rests, to make your desk job friendlier to your body.

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Footrests - Adjustable Footrest Solutions for the Office. Prolonged inactivity in the lower body deprives the muscles of circulation, accelerating fatigue and causing fluids to pool. This eventually results in such health complaints as blood clots, varicose veins, and pressure on the Achilles tendon, which studies have shown effect as many as 70% of women and 40% of men. A desk foot rest is a simple, affordable way of improving sitting posture, reducing pressure on the thighs and reminding the legs to engage. Footrests can make a discernible difference in your comfort at work.

Opt for an adjustable footrest to help you achieve the ideal posture for you. Our collection includes angle adjustable footrests as well as height adjustable footrest models designed to accommodate your workstation height, chair height, and leg length. A tilting footrest angle encourages the legs to stretch out and can be altered to vary your posture. Textured footrest pads help to stimulate the nerve endings in the bottom of the foot and can even offer a mid-day foot massage.