Choose from our quality selection of art easels, tabletop easels, display easels and easels for kids; easels for the classroom, office and home.

Our wooden easels come with a variety of surfaces including white boards, magnetic chalk boards and flannel boards. Many easels includes the extras you need, like storage trays for easel accessories, magnetic board surface, magnetic trays for markers and most models are foldable and easily stored away when not in use. Our children's table top easel is a favorite art easel in pre-school classrooms and playrooms. Looking for a metal or aluminum easel? You will find several models of display easels that are easily mobile on casters, or a more specific easel like our magnetic easel and storage tub easel.

Easels - Art Easel, Tabletop Easel, Display Easel and Easels for Kids. Our wooden easel has a magnetic flannel board and whiteboard surface. These double sided easels are a perfect tool for teaching children in elementary classrooms in a creative and visual way. Easy teaching = better learning. The magnetic easel for children is mobile, of aluminum construction featuring a double sided easel with chalk board and marker board. You'll like the educational potential and the low price. The wooden easels with flannel board and chalkboard are the classics among children's easels. You can choose between two different chalkboard surfaces, one with capabilities of a projection screen. This is an all-in-one easel with a flannel board that can be used as tack board and on the other side a magnetic chalkboard for three-dimensional presentations.

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